Welcome to the Alpineer!



THE CLUB: The Alpineer Club is a family friendly, fun loving, membership-run organization for outdoors enthusiasts with a lodge near Donner Summit and Sugar Bowl. Our club is open year-round to families and singles with an interest in skiing and other outdoor activities.

THE LODGE: The lodge was built and is maintained by members. It accommodates families in private rooms, each with a double bed and bunk beds. Bathrooms are shared, as are the common spaces. On busy weekends, home cooked meals are provided. Members can store their ski gear, sleeping bags and toiletries in lockers, making a quick, weekend getaway easy and affordable.

DONNER SUMMIT: There are so many great things about Donner Summit. You’re there sooner, so you spend less time sitting in the queue getting into Truckee or Tahoe City. In winter you have great options, there’s downhill skiing at Sugar Bowl, x-country skiing at Royal Gorge and plenty of open space if snowshoeing is your thing. In summer there’s Donner Lake for swimming and boating, great hiking including the PCT, and rock climbing is right down the road. If you love to camp, bring your tent and pitch it outside – there’s plenty of room to roam.

WHY DO IT?: Ski resorts can be pricey and if you rent a house for a weekend or vacation week, there’s no guarantee of good snow. A ski club offers flexibility, access and the company of some great people. We’re currently accepting new members. Interested? Email our membership team at: membership@thealpineerclub.com.